پارس پیستگ

Syed Rouhollah Latifi stated that in the year 1400, a total of 135,322 tons of various pistachio types, valued at $914,427,826, were exported to 75 countries. He mentioned that out of the total exports, 115,557 tons were in-shell pistachios, with a value of $696,431,124.

The spokesperson for Iran’s Customs added that the top five countries purchasing in-shell exported pistachios were China with $199 million, India with $85 million, Russia with $53 million, Iraq with $50 million, and Kyrgyzstan with $45 million.

Regarding the exports of shelled pistachios, he said that more than 19,336 tons were exported, amounting to $215,879,022. The main destinations for these shelled pistachio exports from Iran were Germany with $50 million, India with $44 million, the United Arab Emirates with $29 million, Iraq with $25 million, and Turkey with $13 million.

Latifi explained that an additional 429 tons of other pistachio varieties, worth $2,505,680, were also exported during this period.

کاهش ۳۳ درصدی صادرات پسته در ۱۴۰۰

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