پارس پیستگ

Agriculture is a vast sector encompassing various horticultural and agricultural products. Farming in Iran has a traditional background, and despite efforts to change cultivation methods over the years, traditional practices still prevail among Iranian farmers. While Iran has significant commercial opportunities in the field of horticultural and agricultural products, adhering to traditional methods has led to missing out on some of these opportunities. The lack of documentation has resulted in the return of a portion of exported products, which has shown an increasing trend in recent years.

According to global standards, product specifications should be included in their documentation, detailing the type and amount of fertilizers and pesticides used and the location of cultivation. The head of the Agriculture Jihad Organization in Tehran province had announced that, starting from the beginning of September, having a QR code and documentation for greenhouse products in this province has become mandatory, and all farmers are obligated to adhere to it to address this issue.

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