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Important pests of pistachio tree

Pistachio psyllid pest Psyllid pest is one of the most important pests observed in all regions of the country and is not specific to any particular area. It is also known among gardeners and farmers as “dry sap.” This insect feeds on the protein present in the tree, excretes its sugar, and secretes a white […]

33% Decrease in Pistachio Exports in 1400

کاهش ۳۳ درصدی صادرات پسته در ۱۴۰۰

Syed Rouhollah Latifi stated that in the year 1400, a total of 135,322 tons of various pistachio types, valued at $914,427,826, were exported to 75 countries. He mentioned that out of the total exports, 115,557 tons were in-shell pistachios, with a value of $696,431,124. The spokesperson for Iran’s Customs added that the top five countries […]

Pistachio is the most important non-oil export commodity

پسته مهمترین کالای صادراتی غیر نفتی

Quoting from Seda va Sima (Iran’s state broadcasting), Daryoush Salemi, the head of the Office for Tropical and Dry Fruits at the Ministry of Agriculture Jihad, stated: “With approximately 534,000 hectares of pistachio orchards and an annual production exceeding 300,000 tons, Iran holds the first position globally in terms of area and the second position […]

Will Iranian pistachios reclaim the second position in the global market?

Agriculture is a vast sector encompassing various horticultural and agricultural products. Farming in Iran has a traditional background, and despite efforts to change cultivation methods over the years, traditional practices still prevail among Iranian farmers. While Iran has significant commercial opportunities in the field of horticultural and agricultural products, adhering to traditional methods has led […]